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Union, NJ

Over 80 students from NJ colleges attended the 8th Annual Thinking Creatively Conference held at Kean College. The students all participated in the Design Charrette hosted by The Gruskin Group. Designers from all facets of the creative industry served as mentors to their creative teams in order to guide them in making their presentations. Ten teams of students competed with each other in promoting products with the hopes of having their team win the promotion.

Speakers from all over the design industry shared their experiences with attendees and brought their unique talents to help guide future designers.

Experience this event here:


The ADCNJ announced the launching of its new 3-D Photography Gallery. With the assistance of 3-D photographers and artists from around the world, Neil Nathanson has created this gallery of innovative 3-D photography. All you need are anaglyph (red and cyan) glasses and you can view some of the most unusual and dynamic photos from photographers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America as they attempt to create new depths in 3-D.

I went to the NY Art Directors Club to see the judging of our show and get some insight from the judges on what they look for when they judge a piece. With 478 entries to judge, Pat Hanley and her assistants were constantly setting up new tables containing the different categories and the entries for each on tables provided by the NYADC. About 12 judges were roaming from table to table bestowing their carefully calculated numbers on each entry to reward it for its creativity. I got to interview several of the judges as to what they look for when judging a piece.  Here is the video.