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Mark Garcia of Coyne Communications presents to attendees at January's ADCNJ Nights event.

In today’s competitive and diverse marketing environment a creative marketer must learn how to incorporate cross-media communications in their new business development campaigns if they want it to succeed. With the increased usage of on-line communities like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, segmented communities are now available to be approached with targeted messages in ways never before possible. This evening’s program, put on by the Art Directors Club of New Jersey featured specialists in Public Relations and multi-channel communications who shared their experiences with attendees. You can view the video here.

David Schimmel shared insights into multi-channel branding.

David Schimmel of And Partners explained some of the complexities in using the full gamut of on-line communications opportunities like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when disseminating corporate marketing messages. His company, and partners, has become a leader in this field and we were treated to his insights and experiences in utilizing these emerging technologies.

Public Relations is a growing service in today’s marketing arena and learning how to wield this powerful tool is necessary to all companies doing business today. ADCNJ members Rich Lukis and Mark Garcia of Coyne Public Relations demonstrated how important it is to include this application in all marketing campaigns.

Taylor Box Company presented creative solutions to packaging.

Taylor Box Company, a Rhode Island firm with 127 years of experience producing custom packaging sent it’s sales team to our event along with some interesting samples of their unique capabilities. And Graziana from Peluso’s Catering, a custom catering service provided some tasty and wonderfully unique victuals to our lucky attendees.

Delicious catering was provided by Peluso's Catering.