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When the NY Art Directors have an event, it pays to go. I joined ad agency icon Ron Travisano (who was kind enough to drive into NY), Bernie Zlotnick, (another industry pertinent Art Director) who currently is teaching the newbies how it’s done, and my “brother” Steve Longo, one of the top corporate identity and packaging designers, now heading up County College of Morris’ graphic design department, as they foraged into Manhattan on their way to Carnival. The NYADC owns this nifty building on West 29th and they have a large gallery space that the ADCNJ used for their judging back in April. On Thursday, Oct 27th, the NYADC produced this mini-trade show event where photographers and illustrators presented their services to attendees. And, in keeping with the Halloween time frame, they invited some very special performers. The show was to begin at 6pm and we had a few hours to kill so it was decided we would have a late lunch at Kun Gan San on 32nd.
If you want to see Ron Travisano eat mandoo and pajun, click here.

Ron Travisano and Bernie Zlotnick pick at Korean eel and beef.

Part of the Carnival Freak Show performs for attendees.

Half android and hula wrangler perform at the NYADC Carnival.

After this amusing repast we meandered over to the Carnival and stayed for about an hour.  If you want to see the video,

click here.

Getting out of Manhattan at 7pm proved to be an ordeal, but to reward us, Ron stopped at Holsten’s in Bloomfield for ice cream sodas. Holsten’s is world famous not only for their home made chocolates and ice cream but for the fact that the Soprano’s taped their last show in one of the booths. I had the best ice cream soda and Ron, Bernie and Steve had theirs.

See video here.
Turned out to be a wonderful day.