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The room is charged with excitement and the students are there for the pressure and fun during the 4th Annual “Let’s Charrette” event produced by the Gruskin Group and supported by the ADCNJ. Here’s an encapsulation of what I saw at this year’s creative shoot-out.


Art Directors Paul Pullara and John Onushak discuss student work with Suzanne Giovanetti as they provide ratings.

Springtime is when all of the county colleges round up all of their creative artists and photographers and present their work.

This year, I joined a group of art directors at the County College of Morris to view the graphic design department’s student portfolio show.

The coordinator of the graphic design department is internationally recognized packaging designer, Steve Longo.

Eighteen of his students submitted their work for display in the CCM library’s gallery, where we would be able to experience the graphic design capabilities of these two-year students and the intense program they were graduating from.

A rubric, created by the college to help assess the quality of the student work being rated by ADCNJ members as well as other professional creative designers in attendance, just scratched the surface, as we, as a group, were impressed that the level of critical thinking and execution was way beyond what a normal two-year student’s work usually is.

ADCNJ member and package design professional, James Smith contemplates his score.

Attendees numbered around two hundred fifty and the food quickly ran out as students from other departments, parents, professors and industry professionals all professed a positive reaction to most of the work displayed and congratulated the graduating students on their accomplishments.

I managed to interview Professor Longo and a few of the other professional as well as other attendees to find out how the show affected them and to wring some advice from them for the graduating students trying to enter our industry.

Next year should be even more exciting as CCM launches NJ’s first two-year package design program and those students submit their work for this review.

Nicole Bucherer stands by her creative designs.

Students discuss strategy.

And the winners are...

Presenting concepts.

On the sunny morning of Saturday, October 22, over 110 students from nine schools, including Montclair State University, Seton Hall University, College of New Jersey, Kean University, County College of Morris, Sussex County Community College, Ramapo College of New Jersey, Rutgers University, Newark Campus and Brookdale Community College converged on the campus of SCCC for the 16th Annual Design Derby. This was the second consecutive year the school, located in Newton, NJ has served as host site for the student challenge.

This year’s “client” was the WAE (Wellness, Arts & Enrichment) Center of West Orange, an alternative learning center for adults with developmental disabilities. The assignment was to create a new web site home page and one format page for the organization. After an informative briefing by Marilyn Schneider, Founding Director of WAE,  the 17 teams adjourned to their separate classrooms to begin their assignment. Orders for lunches, sold by SCCC students, were delivered to the participants in their classrooms. Jon Weiman, Education Committee Chairperson, and James Smith, Design Derby sponsor, visited the 17 classrooms throughout the day answering questions and confirming each team’s preparation for the presentation portion of the competition, as well as the design aspect of the assignment.
Approximately four hours from the start, the teams made their presentation to a full auditorium of clients and opposing team members. Renee Folzenlogen, Program Coordinator for WAE, announced the winners chosen by the four member client team. The host school, Sussex County Community College, won for the Best Presentation and Ramapo College of New Jersey won for Best Web Site Design.
Our congratulations and thanks go out to SCCC’s Sherry Fitzgerald, Program Coordinator of Graphic Design and New Media Communications and Andrew George and their winning team as well as all the SCCC volunteer helpers and to Sarah Stackhouse, Bonnie Blake and their students at Ramapo College.
The Design Derby is is an annual event open to all New Jersey schools, sponsored by the Art Directors Club of New Jersey and co-sponsored by Smith Design, a brand identity and package design firm specializing in strategy-based visual solutions for leading consumer brands.
What the client’s thought of the event
“Thank you so very much for opening the door to a really rewarding experience, Design Derby 2011.  Each time I think about Saturday and the numbers of students in the audience I’m inspired.  I remember thinking, as I spoke, how quiet everyone was and the end result was really great.  You and your team clearly rule with an iron hand and manifest the goods!
We, the WAE Center team, look to our collaboration as we move forward.

Marilynn Schneider
Director, WAE Center

“I was impressed beyond expectation with the Design Derby on Saturday. I think I speak for us all when I say we feel very blessed by the entire process and the prospect of our new website design.”
Renee Folzenlogen
Program Coordinator

What a participant thought of the event 
“Ramapo was honored to be part of this exciting annual event filled with so much design talent. The opportunity to collaborate with the WAE center is an enriching opportunity for our students.”
Sarah Stackhouse
Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design, Ramapo College of New Jersey